Transform your old plain concrete driveway with Colourtone Resurfacing Compound.

Colourtone Resurfacing is a cost effective means of resurfacing your existing pavement to create an exciting and nicer place to live or work in. adding significant value and appeal to your property.

Colourtone Resurfacing has an excellent bonding property to existing concrete. Colourtone Resurfacing can be applied in varying viscosities ranging from a textured anti-slip finish to a smooth type tile finish with excellent wear resistant properties.

Colourtone Resurfacing is a cement based modified product which has been used for many years now and has proven be an excellent product due to its great looks, durability, low maintenance and ease of installation.

Patterns can be created easily by various means, Pre-cut Stencil Patterns, Designer Logos, Filament Tapes and masking of desired areas.

Colourtone Resurfacing is there for the long term and a stunning feature on completion with a much lower cost than replacement of existing concrete.

Please click to check our Stencil Colour Chart and Stencil Pattern Chart to view our Colours and Patterns.