Enhance beauty of your property by using Colourtone stencils and colour Hardeners to create the ultimate in decorative concrete.

For many years now the popularity of stencilled concrete has grown throughout Australia due to its affordability, great looks, strength, durability and low maintenance, it has become a practical method of paving around homes as well as commercial and industrial properties and is very well suited to the Australian weather conditions.

Stencil concrete is achieved from the one slab of concrete preventing weeds and ants spoiling the looks of your driveway and is structurally strong as concrete is reinforced with steel mesh to prevent sagging and distortion. The high quality colour hardeners used to create the patterns together with the Colourtone Concrete Sealer ensure a long lasting surface with excellent wear resist properties much higher than standard concrete surfaces.

Colourtone Stencilled Concrete comes in a large variety of colours and patterns and can be finished with a choice of textured finishes in consultation with the applicator. The Colourtone Stencil Concrete can be finished to create a non - slip surface as the applicator can provide a textured finish by means of the finishing technics used.

Tough UV resistant pigments and resins are used in the high quality Colourtone Colour Hardeners to ensure the best possible results for a durable long lasting and low maintenance driveway.